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The Reason I Write Letters

Starting two years ago, I found myself writing David a letter about once a month. I jokingly told him I needed to write more letters in case I ever got famous my biographers would have something to collect, compile, and analyze. The truth was, I’d often find myself thinking about him and would want to share what was […]

Hineni! Hineni!

I came across this song in one of my many searches for music that speaks to the scripture on my heart. In the haunting and heavy quality of this song, I heard similar refrains to the heartbreaking lament and soul-wrenching challenge Job directs toward God. As I’ve been sitting with Job for the past couple weeks, I wasn’t surprised […]

Still Reflecting on Resurrection

I know the season of Eastertide is officially over. We turned the corner back into ordinary time at the end of May with the celebration of Pentecost. But in this time of continued social upheaval, economic uncertainty, and political disappointment, I’m still clinging to the power of resurrection. I think I still find myself reflecting on […]

Marching to Bring Down Walls

On Monday evening I watched as protesters marched around downtown Naperville. There had been peaceful protests earlier in the day, and this one started off peaceful enough. I watched as a few organizers gave instructions and asked the crowd to hold each other accountable—to look out for each other and not break windows, destroy property, […]

Missing Time

When I was in my office at the church before service this past Sunday, I happened to notice how my desk calendar was still on March. And then when I was leaving my office after the service, I realized my winter wreath was still hanging on my office door. I hadn’t swapped it out for the spring wreath because I’ve […]

Harnessing Your “Have To”

WARNING: I’m able to reference an old baseball movie so I apologize to those who are missing baseball and those who didn’t see this movie. I included a clip of the referenced scene below if you want to check it out. In the 1993 classic baseball movie, Rookie of the Year, a seasoned pitcher is charged with giving a pep talk to […]

National Day of Prayer

I know time is a fuzzy concept these days as normal routines have been upended. So I hope sending out the church email a day early isn’t too confusing. I promise it’s for a good reason. For many years, the first Thursday in May has been recognized as a National Day of Prayer. And since tomorrow is the first Thursday […]

Peace Be With You

In putting together the video above, I came across a clip of a pastor teaching the American Sign Language (ASL) sign for “Peace be with you.” Unlike the gesture popularized in the 1960s of two fingers held up in the shape of a V, the sign for peace is actually a compound sign. First, palms are rotated […]

Still Practicing Resurrection

Last week in this space I shared my thoughts on Wendell Barry’s poem that challenges us to consider what it means to practice resurrection. I thought it would be a one-time reflection, but as time went on and I started mapping out our worship services for the next few weeks, I couldn’t stop thinking about this idea […]

Practicing Resurrection

As a beloved American poet, novelist, essayist, environmental activist, farmer, and cultural critic, Wendell Barry gives voice to a way of being in the world but not of the world. If you’re looking for something to read during this time, I highly recommend checking out his writings in whatever form best appeals to you. One of his most well-known poems […]