aboutus2ndNot Your Average Baptist Church

Community Baptist Church is a place where everyone is welcome, and everyone’s story and journey are honored!

We seek to open ourselves to the healing and transforming power of God’s love as we seek to follow the life and ministry of Jesus:  honoring our deepest differences, seeking justice and mercy, discovering and implementing our gifts, and nurturing our children.

At CBC, we take the Bible seriously, without taking everything literally and open ourselves to a range of scriptural interpretations. We study, we ask, we seek, we discuss as we deepen our spiritual journey and relationship with the Divine, the Sacred, the Holy, and our neighbor.

You also will find that we honor the American Baptist traditions of Soul Freedom, Biblical Freedom, Local Church Autonomy, and the importance of Separation of Church and State.

You are welcomed and affirmed here, whoever you are, whatever you are, and wherever you are on your spiritual journey.