What to Expect

We believe that gathering and worshipping in community is the cornerstone to experiencing God’s presence and love. Every service includes music, a time with children, Scripture, prayer time, and a message. We offer a blended style of worship, including elements of both the traditional and the contemporary.

We feel that children should feel at home at church and a part of all services. Time for Moments with Children is included in all services. Following Moments with Children, children in kindergarten through 5th grade are excused to attend Children’s church. A professionally staffed nursery is always available for ages 4 and under. (See “Nursery Care” tab under Christian Ed).

Our Communion Table is open to all. We believe the decision to participate in Communion is between each individual and God. Children are welcome to take Communion with parent’s permission.

Diversity even extends to style of dress. Whether your preferred Sunday outfit is a suit and tie, dress and heels, shorts and flip-flops, or jeans and a t-shirt, you will find kindred souls here.