summer series – unraveled & restored

Sunday, 6/13 – Unraveled by Uncertainty: Peter Sinks

Sun, 6/6 – Unraveled by Joy: Sarah Laughs

“Unraveled” We’ll be looking at stories in scripture when plans, expectations, vocations, and beliefs among other things, unraveled. Some of these stories are funny. Some are heartbreaking. Many are painfully relatable as we too know what it feels like to have our world unravel in some of the best and worst ways possible.

In conjunction with our Summer Series, the thoughtful and creative team at Sanctified Art put together a Study Journal. This isn’t a daily devotional like we’ve used during Advent and Lent. Rather, this is a journal for weekly reflection using original art inspired by the stories we’ll be reading, statements from the artists, and through-provoking questions. We’ll be going a little out of order on Sunday mornings and swapping out a few stories, but you’re still welcome to follow along.

These journals will be available on Sunday so feel free to pick one up for yourself and send one to a friend. We can always print more.

Worship Services – new in-person guidelines & continuation of livestream

Moving forward, as we continue to worship in person in conjunction with the livestream, the Coordination Team has decided to roll back some guidelines while maintaining others. We will continue to review our guidelines each month and make changes as we continue to care for the safety and well-being of everyone.

Starting in June, we’ll discontinue the online sign-up sheet and blocking off every other pew. We’re not at risk of exceeding any capacity limits and everyone has been good to space themselves out.

Continuing through June, we still ask that you wear a mask in the sanctuary. Extra masks will be available in the narthex. Offering plates will continue to be on the front table and individual Communion elements will be available on Communion Sundays. Fellowship food and coffee service will remain suspended through June.

The Coordination Team will review these guidelines at the next meeting in June to decide on any changes for July. With all these changes taking place, the Coordination Team made the decision to continuing worshipping at 10:30 AM through the Summer rather than switching to an earlier time.

As always, we appreciate your prayers and are grateful for your support during this time of discernment.