Special Services

Many of our services have a special theme or focus as we worship together throughout the church year.

Blessing of the Animals – you’re invited to bring your favorite furry, feathered, finned or scaly friend to church for a blessing and a service celebrating God’s creation.

Children’s Sabbath – a worship service focused on honoring the children in our lives and in the world who need our love and protection.

Agapè Preschool Sunday – honoring the teachers, students and families of our Agape Preschool, and features a performance by our preschoolers – guaranteed to be entertaining.

World Communion Sunday – celebrating Holy Communion in conjunction with Christian Communities worldwide. Multi-cultural music and communion elements are featured.

All Saints Sunday – a day to honor our legacy of faith and those who have had an impact on our lives. We take time in the service to memorialize those lost in the previous year by naming them individually and tolling a bell in their honor.

Advent and Christmas – a series of services anticipating and honoring the birth of Christ. Expect lots of special music from all our choirs, our children’s pageant, lighting of Advent candles, and an early-evening, family-friendly Christmas Eve service.

Lent and Holy Week – Lent begins with an evening meal and evening service on Ash Wednesday. The Sundays of Lent are designed to help you pause, reflect and contemplate your spiritual journey and deepen your relationship with God. Holy Week begins with a special Palm Sunday service and includes evening services on both Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

Easter – a glorious celebration of New Life and Resurrection.

Graduation Sunday/Church Picnic – a day to honor all of our graduates, celebrate the end of the Sunday School year, and worship outdoors. And then enjoy a picnic lunch and games.

We also include Earth Sunday, Mental Health Awareness Sunday and pay special attention to Black History Month.