Living God’s Love Since 1834

In August 1834, sixteen members of the First DuPage Baptist Church gathered in the home of Nancy and Daniel Warren to found the Second DuPage Baptist Church, now known as Community Baptist Church of Warrenville. The church received its charter from the Northern Baptist Association of Chicago in February of 1836.

In the early years, the Warrenville Church depended upon visiting and neighboring pastors, as well as its own members to fill the pulpit. Shortly after the church was chartered, Lyman B. King became the first Pastor.

The church building was destroyed by fire in 1935, after which the present structure was built. The church facility was expanded in 1955 with the addition of an education building. Today, the William Wallace Education Building is the home of our Sunday School classes, a library, the church offices, and Agapè Preschool, a ministry of the church.

The recent pastors of the church have all nurtured strong ecumenical ties with the other churches in the community. The Church periodically engages in formal planning, including self-assessment and goal setting, as it seeks God’s guidance for the future direction of our ministry of Living God’s Love for ALL God’s Children.

Community Baptist Church moves into the future with hopeful confidence that the same hand which guided us in the past and sustained us for more than 185 years will continue to guide us in the future.