Not Your Average Baptist Church!



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Meditative Moment


For those of you keeping track, today (May 13) marks forty days since we gathered as the church to celebrate on Easter morning. That means today is when the church remembers Jesus’ ascension into heaven. Luke is the only gospel that includes an account of an ascension. Briefly mentioned at the very end of Luke, the ascension serves as…

Stitch by Stitch

Last night I finished making a blanket. I’m not posting a picture of it here because it’s a Christmas gift for someone who sometimes reads these weekly musings. So the picture above is of another blanket I made in the Fall. I crochet in the evenings—not every evening and not all the time. My desire…

Lesson Learned

About a month ago, I planted some seeds in a little pot on my windowsill as part of our Holy Week at Home reflection. Maybe some of you did the same. I was surprised when I opened my seed packet and saw some very teeny tiny seeds. It was difficult to pick up a single seed.…