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Meditative Moment

Following Yonder Dream

Yesterday I spent the morning writing a lovely reflection on the gift and blessing of Epiphany. Coupled with excerpts from a beautiful poem by Jan Richardson, I reflected on how the star only guided the magi to the halfway point of their journey. I considered what it meant that it was a dream that directed and…

Dreaming Dreams & Seeing Visions

Last winter, my dream for the church was to have a church retreat this year to begin crafting a vision and dream for this church community. We actually began the conversation at our annual meeting when we read and discussed our church covenant. But then the pandemic happened and put those plans on hold. With…

The Reason I Write Letters

Starting two years ago, I found myself writing David a letter about once a month. I jokingly told him I needed to write more letters in case I ever got famous my biographers would have something to collect, compile, and analyze. The truth was, I’d often find myself thinking about him and would want to share what was…