Not Your Average Baptist Church!



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Meditative Moment

Cross Work

On Sunday you might have noticed the new sidewalk leading up to the main doors of the sanctuary. This is part of the larger restoration project that will include new doors in the near future. A big thanks goes to Bill Kirkman and the rest of the Property and Finance team for working so hard…

2021 World Mission Offering

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sell all your stuff then pack your clothes and go live in a foreign country? Just because God told you too! God asks people to do some ridiculously uncomfortable things. Let’s see, God asked Noah to build a stupendously BIG Ark, God asked Jonah to prophesy…

Passing It On

On Sunday, I mentioned a growing movement in Japan called “future visionary design.” This planning process asks residents to imagine themselves as residents of their town or city sixty years in the future and draw up plans for their city with that mindset. The plans produced by groups that engaged in this future visionary design process…