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Meditative Moment

Signs of Hope

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned how special Ash Wednesday was for me this year. Imposing ashes is always a deeply meaningful and even intimate moment as I see the face and cradle the head of so many beloved children of God. With each swipe of ash, I feel the weight of what it means…

Vice President Kamala Harris

As we turn the corner from Black History Month to Women’s History Month, it felt right for our final spotlight to highlight a modern Black woman who’s recently made history and happens to share our Baptist heritage. Born the daughter of immigrants, her father emigrated from Jamaica to pursue a PhD in economics while her mother emigrated from India…

Ida B. Wells

If you’ve been to downtown Chicago in the past year or two, you might have noticed that the prominent east/west artery formerly known as Congress Parkway is now Ida B. Wells Drive. Officially dedicated on February 11, 2019, Ida B. Wells Drive is the first road in Chicago to be named after a black woman. Affixing her…