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Meditative Moment

PEACE in the Heart of Christmas

During this special time of the year, our anxiety levels can become elevated as we navigate the ever multiplexing and evolving days leading to Christmas. The business merchants are aggressively seeking to direct our attention to the newest, greatest and must have items for this Christmas. There’s a special sale day for everything Christmas, another…

HOPE is at the Heart of Christmas

In the Thanksgiving Season, the time of gathering with family and friends, God brought us together one more time. For some it was opportunity to make new acquaintances and establish new connections. While for others, it was a time for reconciliation in hope of the restoration with loved ones with whom there may have been…

A Season of Gratitude, A Season of Giving Thanks

We are approaching the busyness of the most wonderful time of the year and the signs are all around. Have you noticed how the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas just somehow all of a sudden appear? There’s usually a neighbor that begins the process of decorating and suddenly, the entire neighborhood is transformed to the…