Not What You Think

baptistBecause of perceptions held by many regarding Baptists, people are surprised that we are a Baptist Church when they discover we are an open minded, accepting, and inclusive community. We can have the autonomy to be who we are because we are affiliated with American Baptist Churches USA.

While many define Baptists in a restricted manner, the reality is that, AMERICAN BAPTISTS are a rainbow of faithful people who seek to live out our religious convictions in a myriad of ways. While some ABC churches are more conservative than CBC, our open hearts and open minds still find a home under the American Baptist umbrella.

Here’s why:

American Baptists have a history of supporting human dignity and worth as Jesus taught:

  • In 1845, Baptists separated over the issue of slavery. The Northern Baptists, later renamed American Baptists, condemned slavery while the Southern Baptists remained supportive.
  • In the 1880’s, Baptists were among the first to ordain women.
  • In the 20th Century, American Baptists advocated for Civil Rights.
  • Today, many of our churches take bold stands for the separation of church and state, religious freedom, respect for the faith of others, respect for racial, cultural and theological diversity, and the welcoming of all.
  • American Baptists are founded on the principles of:

Freedom of the individual believer
Freedom of Biblical Interpretation
Freedom of the local church
Freedom to uphold Separation of Church and State

Visit us and be surprised!