Our Lenten Season sermon series with the theme, “What’s In a Name? and Who is God?” continue to lead us towards the cross. The Bible studies have been enriching to those in attendance, during the Sunday mornings from the book “Modeling Mary,” the “I Am” messages, as well as the Tuesday evenings. We all have benefited through these lessons as we are in the final sessions and there’s more to learn for our “BETTER New Year and BETTER You.”

Just hearing some of the comments during the discussions have been a blessing knowing that the names of God can draw us closer in our relationship to God. It was life-changing to acknowledge along the many names representing the characteristics of God that we have so much more to become as we reflect on God. The names of God are a light for us as we embrace and emulate that we all are designed with a specific and unique purpose to honor and praise God with our lives.

In our reflections on this past week, as we read Psalm 139 and knowing that we are uniquely made in the image of God was a moment to experience. For example look at any of the names of God and take a moment to reflect on what that unique name has meant to you.

This Sunday, we will have the first baptism of 2024 including a family with two new candidates and one rededication. As God adds to the church, let’s celebrate what the Lord is doing in this season.

The sermon series, “What’s In A Name” continues with the next installment, Jesus says, “I Am – The Door.” Looking forward to seeing you Sunday as we worship together in-person and online.

Pastor Frank