Holy Week

Our journey to Easter continues, as we prepare to begin Holy Week also known as Passion Week. It is on Palm Sunday with the reminders of the shouts of Hosanna, blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord that we begin this final journey to the cross.

In reflection of our Lenten Season journey, the CBC congregation has demonstrated the love of Christ through ministry in the Warrenville community. Perhaps you have noticed the ministry dedication through the Time, Talent, and Treasure of the CBC membership. We are not simply a busy and active church, we are a church that is thriving and there is an intentionality with our stewardship of “time” in serving; whether it’s behind the scenes with worship preparation, the monthly gatherings and ministry meetings that give us direction with using both “talents” and “treasure” for the up building of God’s kingdom right here in Warrenville.

The recent baptisms coming from our online presence was what can be described as a first in the CBC history. Thank God for the stewardship and impacts with the ministry of sound and technology. What a blessing as we can reach beyond the four walls of the church building. The efforts in the community with Johnson School and the family connections is an endeavor that includes the ESL Program.

During this Lenten Season, I was reminded of the CBC North Star statement: Community Baptist Church strives to be an expression of God’s grace in the world, creating sanctuary that welcomes everyone to live into the fullness of life God desires for all.

We reflect God’s Love in unique ways with each one of us having a specific purpose. Just maybe, this expression revives and brings to life the essence of God’s nature as we have seen in our studies on the Names of God for such a time as this. Jesus came with a purpose and provided “God’s Plan of Salvation” (GPS) for everyone. The journey to the cross was miraculous for every life that was touched. Jesus has made His entry into the place where He will spend his last days before being crucified. What Jesus had done all the way to this week was what was needed for our sins.

May the lives we touch reflect the great I Am.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and the sermon, “I Am – The Good Shepherd” comes from Psalm 23 and John 10 as a continuation of “What’s In A Name?” The doors of the church swing open on the hinges of welcome. All are invited in person or online and I am looking forward to seeing, especially you.
Pastor Frank