The Proof is in the Promise

Perhaps you have seen the pain expressed through the eyes of parents in the recent tragic loss of so many young people. Our hearts become heavy whenever lives are lost regardless of the circumstances.

We seemingly are losing our youth through senseless gun violence and mass shootings, tragic accidents, drugs and overdoses from fentanyl and mental health problems. These losses and the associated pain are real with the life changing consequences.

Additionally, there are events taking place on a daily basis that have impact on us and shape our thinking and ultimately our actions. The diagnosis of an unexpected illness and the aftermath brings many together with God blessings in loving support of one another as we serve together.

This Sunday, the sermon “The Proof Is In the Promise” comes from Acts 1 and Christ last 40 days on earth, after the resurrection, brings the disciples together as they wait for the promise.

Looking forward to seeing you in worship on Sunday as we journey towards Pentecost.
Pastor Frank