Asking Why

Is there any single event or unique circumstance that has captured your mind and causing you to ask questions, i.e., world events, weather changes, senseless shootings, or family matters?

It seems like the world is on fast forward without a lot of time to shift into pause, to change speed or direction. There is a tremendous need for a level of stability as we mature and position ourselves into our comfort zone. We ask questions like why, why, and why.

People have often looked to the church for stability with the church being our safe haven and insulation from the outside world. The church has provided us with direction coming through God’s Word. As people of faith, our hope and confidence are in the Holy One, who is the only one who can sustain us and keep us through it all.

So what’s the one event or circumstance that has consumed your time and mind… adult children, grandchildren, illness, aging parent, finances, health, just to name some possibilities?

Why not name it and give it to Jesus today? This week are you longing for more faith, lots of love, a dose of hope and joy in your heart?

This Sunday’s message will be centered on John 10:1-10 about “The Good Shepherd” and being led. “The Good Shepherd” is aware of what we need, as we go on with our daily lives. Savior like a shepherd lead!

Meet me Sunday morning in person and online, as we look to “The Good Shepherd.”