Morning Rituals

We are now twenty plus days into the new year and learning to “Win the Day” moment by moment. Each day is a reminder of God’s gift to us through the blessing of waking up and beginning a new day.

What’s your morning ritual when you first awake? Do you find yourself doing the same thing each morning? We generally have patterns that work for us that become part of our daily routine.

My typical morning begins with early prayer and scripture readings from several references that get me started. It’s this routine that gives me time with God before any other encounters. Occasionally, I will go up and down the stairs several times just to get myself some physical movement.

After some recent visits to my healthcare team, it was eye opening to see some of my physical problems were the result of limited physical activity. The stairs were good start and much more was needed.

So, I included some exercise to my morning activities. It wasn’t easy to get started as I began the process. The exercises that I remembered from my youthful days of running track in high school quickly caught up with my realization of the current situation.

Something had changed… Yesterday was history and today was my present. God blessed me with a moment to move forward in this chapter of my life. Tomorrow is still a mystery.

Well, it’s day 20 of the new year and I’m working on improving moment by moment in able to “Win The Day.” This is a big reminder that God is working on every one of us in this season and as we do the natural…spiritually and physically. When we do the natural, God will do the super.

Our church is positioned to see God to the super, as we do the natural. There’s some good work that we are building on in this season with God’s (GPS) direction. Our faith as believers is in our anticipated expectations, that are beyond what we see today.

As you are able, let us join together on this coming Sunday and receive the message from Zechariah chapter 4 titled, “Fly The Kite.”

Pastor Frank