New Year, New Joys, New Challenges

We are one week into the new year and beginning to experience the new joys and challenges.

This week has been one of firsts with the Monday Night football game between two teams coming to an unexpected halt, after the collapsing of 24 year old Damar Hamlin. It was a shocking experience for teammates, one of the most watched football telecast that had been delayed due to the Rose Bowl having the earlier attention. Those watching and for others who heard the news accounts it was devastating.

If the experience that showed grown 200+ pound football players expressing their emotions through crying, one can only begin to feel empathy for a mother sitting in the stands and seeing her child being given CPR.

The impact of this event brought people together from both teams on one accord in praying for a miracle. Just seeing looks on players faces and going deeper in this perspective, imagine how Tee Higgins who had been tackled is emotionally, mentally and spiritually impacted.

The 20 milliseconds when the cardiac arrest occurred was the less than a moment that leaves us with a sense of our need for a divine connection. God is a very present help in our time of struggle. Many people joined in praying as the breaking news interrupted our scheduled events of the evening.

Something happens when we pray.

It is good to know that God answers prayers and prayer still works. During this New Year, we have already witnessed God at work in our congregation with the healing of members from illnesses and letting us know that God is just a prayer away.

Let’s hold the football players in our prayers and pray for healing of Damar Hamlin and family. May we continue to hold each other up in prayer by calling the names out loud.

We can be grateful and thankful for the outstanding team of physicians who have been gifted by the Holy One with knowledge that enabled an outcome of Hope.

This Sunday’s message will be the second installment of “Win The Day” – entitled “Kiss The Wave” from Exodus 14.

Looking forward to worshiping together as we journey forward.
Pastor Frank