Finding Life, Beauty & Sustenance in the Weeds

The other day I was sitting outside near a little corner of creation that looked like a patch of weeds though I’m pretty sure it was really an overgrown garden. Whatever it was, it didn’t look like much—at first. There weren’t any colorful blossoms or well-defined edges. But then, as I sat there, I started to notice all these tiny little flitterings all throughout the overgrown patch. It was a literal feasting ground for a drove of honeybees. They were busily swooping in and out of the fuzzy ended stalks that must’ve been some kind of flower.

I don’t know about you, but there have been many times when I’ve felt like I was “in the weeds.” The weeds is typically a place one doesn’t want to be. It can be a place of confusion or frustration. It’s where you can feel bogged down or helpless. No one wants to be in the weeds, and yet—if we take a closer look, the weeds is a place that’s buzzing with life.

Beloved of God, there can be beauty and sustenance in the weeds if we know the secret of the bees. They work together. They dance and share. They tell stories and care for each other.

Weedy patches are an inevitable part of life. But with care, craft, and the company of good friends, the weeds can become a place

Though it’s no longer Spring, I offer you this “A Prayer in Spring” by Robert Frost. And whenever you find yourself in the weeds, I pray you notice the tiny stirrings of life that are at work around you.

In Love,
Pastor Annette