Encounters with Jesus – Empowered

We have completed the first four topics from “Encounters with Jesus” including Called; Challenged; Rejected and Transformed. The Lenten Season continues to have impacts on our lives as we share with one another.

It is amazing to hear the perspectives from our current day experiences and the correlation with those in the Bible. During this Women’s History Month celebration and acknowledgement of the significant contributions from our “She-roes”, many lives have been impacted throughout history.

There is no doubt that Encounters with Jesus from biblical times through today are making each of us more like Christ, as we acknowledge and hear the voice of God.

Our Lenten Series continues this week with the daily readings and the Sunday message titled “Encounters with Jesus – EMPOWERED.” The message from John 9 will provide us with the insights on a person born blind who was healed by Jesus to see.

How might your sight benefit from an “Encounter with Jesus?” The Lenten Season gives us a time to recalibrate our lives closer to God’s way of living and loving.
Pastor Frank