A Season of Gratitude, A Season of Giving Thanks

We are approaching the busyness of the most wonderful time of the year and the signs are all around.

Have you noticed how the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas just somehow all of a sudden appear? There’s usually a neighbor that begins the process of decorating and suddenly, the entire neighborhood is transformed to the beautiful decorations.

I was in a store the other evening to pick up a small item and after getting home, I realized it wasn’t exactly what was needed. The next day upon entering the store, can you imagine going back and in less than 24 hours, the entire store had been transformed to reflect the holiday season. It’s happening all around us and it’s a sign of the time.

Well, you can also expect that CBC is getting ready too! Our CBC plans in various ministry groups will suddenly take place all around us throughout the church and community. Last week, the choir provided me an opportunity to hear a glimpse with music of the season, as they were in a special time of preparation. Watch out for the Agapè events too!!

There’s much more going on with Missions as their efforts accelerate for some very special needs. The community collaborations to serve those in need as well as our church Advent preparation will begin to transform us to this special season.

As we pace ourselves, let’s be mindful of all that’s going on and remember the needs of each other. In this season, our stress levels tend to increase as we try to get everything done.

Let’s take a moment as we begin this most wonderful time of the year to T.H.I.N.K about what’s important as we T.H.A.N.K GOD for the most wonderful gift of JESUS CHRIST, Our Savior and Redeemer.

I’ll be looking to forward greeting each of you on this coming “Bible Sunday” and including several of your favorite Bible verses that were provided in the message, “T.H.I.N.K and T.H.A.N.K.”

Pastor Frank