Time to Share Your Passion

It’s the wonderful time of the year when families begin looking with great anticipation towards the special holidays and family gatherings. We gather and take our special places to fill the tables with our family and friends to enjoy the best from our renowned in-house chefs. 

Our taste buds begin to connect with what our eyes long to see from the traditional dishes including casseroles, stuffing, uniquely prepared turkey whether fried, smoked, oven baked or on the grill to the timeless recipes for famous desserts.

There are the conversations that are often interrupted by the famous line, “please pass the rolls” or “please put some potatoes on my plate.” Just as we join our loved ones for the traditional Thanksgiving Day festivities, we express our thanks to God for all the family blessings and just being together. 

In thinking about the special cooks in our families and how each year they prepare for the Thanksgiving dinner. There is the shopping to ensure having the necessary ingredients for the well-planned menu.  

This year our CBC Stewardship Team is preparing for the upcoming year and focused on aspects that we can all help. There’s this special connection for the CBC Family & Friends much like Thanksgiving.  

As we embrace our Stewardship theme “3 T’s + 1 T,” the combination of our Time, Talent, Treasure connects to our Thanks-Living”. We give honor and praise to God in how we are living, giving thanks for the tremendous blessings. Our sharing the “3 T’s + 1 T” is how our passions align with those special God given gifts and talents. 

This Sunday’s message titled “Winning With Jesus” is divinely and purposefully designed to enlighten us with a renewed purpose and “Sharing Your Passion” for what’s to come.  

Looking forward to seeing you either in-person or online as we worship together on Sunday.

Pastor Frank