Time to Change

It’s time to change means something different to everyone across the country and in the various time zones.

Our clocks in this state will go back one hour this Saturday and give us more daylight. Hence, Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday morning at 1AM. While there are two states that remain on the standard time, there are about twenty states that will join them in 2023.

Just as many churches joined those who were virtually online. Who would have ever thought of church worshipping from home for everyone? WOW!! What a difference from the traditional way of worship from just 5 years or 10 years as technology has progressed. We have the media and capabilities to do so much more.

How do we adjust ourselves for the changing times? It’s much easier for most people to “fallback” versus “spring-ahead” when we lose an hour in the spring. Do you sleep longer while it’s daylight or get up earlier and take advantage of the daylight? After all it’s going to be dark earlier. The adjustments we make require some efforts in how we plan our activities throughout the day and ensuring that we accomplish our activities before nightfall.

Time to change is where many found themselves post pandemic in attempting to adjust for the familiarity of what were the normal places pre-pandemic. There are opportunities to embrace the changing of the times with attention on making the best use of the day and where we find ourselves today.

Yet, we must be careful to embrace the blessings of connection to people who may only be with us virtually. The time to change is another reminder to not go back to those behaviors that left us unprepared for the unexpected circumstances of the pandemic.

The season of change is prevalent with CBC with our focus on the future as we begin making some new discoveries. There’s clearly much that makes CBC a trendsetter with ministry opportunities and leadership. The needs of our neighbors and communities remains a constant and the emphasis or focuses are ever-changing.

As we set our clocks back, “let’s pray about everything” and trust God to “Revitalize” us in all areas. It is my prayer that we experience “Revival” and are drawn closer in our communication with God during the CBC 21 Days of Prayer.

God is “Moving us Forward”… Time to Change our clocks!!

See you in church on Sunday, In-person and Virtually. The sermon is titled, “Jesus Took The Cup.” Part 2.